How did I get this lucky?


You see that?

That is not where I live. I still have every intention of buying it if it is ever on sale and if I ever have money. This is the Schloss (German for Castle) of Karlsruhe (it’s where I live). I don’t know if the web is still safe enough to give away your address this way; anyhow I already did it. I pride myself on sharing this Castle’s address, and gardens (only that I don’t have to preen it everyday).

Finally, why this place is Iconic to me

– It’s famous. It’s on the first page of every brochure of the city

– And most importantly, it’s my local haven. Mostly past midnight when there is no one around, I can put my sneakers and hoodie on and run my way to this spot (the one in the picture); just sit and stare at the castle.

If the trees and the castle walls could talk, they could have told you all about me. But when I go there, I feel this unearthly invisible presence nestling me in itself, listening to me as I talk (no, I don’t have mental disorders, I am not possessed by spirits and I full well understand how creepy this sounds).

On days I have had disagreements with someone, I can scream here angrily as loud as I want. On days I am thankful for something (which is seldom), I only have to smile hinting to the Invisible-Presence to accept my gratitude. On days I have been sitting in the same place long enough to feel the walls beginning to inch closer, I run to my spot, to freedom. On days I am lonely, there is no better place to be than be sitting on the cold bench and leaning your head back to gape at the starry heavens guarded by the trees on either side. And on days when the wind has the fine consistency between a breeze and a storm, I let the wind lead the way to my spot.

The flurry of thoughts in my brain draws a stark contrast with the perpetual quiescence all around me here at my spot. And you cannot but stop and let the serenity of the atmosphere infect your brain. And only the harsh winter cold can remind me of why I cannot fall asleep here and I am hence driven home.

This, my spot at the Castle grounds –

is where I keep most of myself bottled up. Ironically, it’s only here that I feel no need to bottle things in. It’s where I can talk to myself or the thing I call the invisible presence without a care in the world. I’ll take it that I am blessed to be able to know my own person like no one else does.


2 thoughts on “How did I get this lucky?

  1. How VERY lucky to live in Karlsruhe! One of my favorite places, topped, in your area, only by Freiburg-im-Breisgau. Lovely! And your late-night sneakered walks sound fabulous.


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