The Little Things: White, Heavy and $$$

The precious little (not so much by size) thing in my life which doesn’t always get the credit it deserves is — the Rug near my bed. I am a materialistic person and non-living, extremely soft and shiny, white things matter to me. I’d like to do something for that special little someone. I am going to give my rug the voice he never had.

The matting my bottom is made of lay in respite hoping She would oversleep this morning. Really I am all hairy; my top face is crowded with rows after rows of white silken threads. Maybe if I called my silken threads hair, I’d feel more alive? Or you’d relate better when I tell you about my personal feelings? Alas my hair aren’t nearly as thin or consistently as thick.
I think it had been about 5 something hours of me leisurely grazing the side of her bed, when She sat up.
From the moment she gets wakes up to the moment she actually decides to push herself to the edge of the bed and step on me, I lie there restlessly on the floor, gaping at her. And then She runs her toes through my silken threads, occasionally pulling on them with clenched toes (She can be a sadist. It hurts!).

I clearly remember that day She first saw me, back in India. It was one of those HOT HOT summer days in Indian markets (believe me, I can never make it sound as bad as it really gets). I was on her shopping list and She knew that we were meant to be, as soon as She set eyes on me. She was embarrassing herself with all that excited squealing and screaming on finding the Rug of her dreams (She has this weird fetish for them). AND that for only 750 bucks (that’s about 10.56€). Yeah, she got lucky that day. Later, She wanted me to go with her to college. Oh and it takes a plane ride to take her to her college. It’s her tradition to go mega overweight on everyone of her flights.

I could make this story long but it seems like its time for her to stand up from her bed. I’ll make it quick – so She basically went overweight on this flight too and took the 5kilo-me along. She hence paid quite a tidy sum for me. I am not so cheap after all, eh?

Eeeaarrghhh. Every morning, I dread exactly this moment. She gets up from the bed on her feet, putting all her weight on the front part of the sole; basically crushes a part of me to dust. Only just not to dust really. So, she is gone now and so ends my emprise for today.



One thought on “The Little Things: White, Heavy and $$$

  1. I am dying to know more about your trip to India…more than buying the rug. But I love the story of the rug and I am not wondering what some of the inanimate objects in my house would say about me!


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