Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above (Change:Reload)


So, the other day with the ‘From Above’ thought in my mind, I posed at the balcony feeling the wind sweep through my hair; totally feeling like Titanic’s Kate Winslet.
Just a LOT of things changing around me in my life. It does make me giddy thinking about change in regard of my familiar surroundings. That under there in the picture are just wooden planks on a roof. Till a few days ago, the planks were weathered, greying and would decimate to powder if you accidentally stepped on them. The day I took the picture, the planks were being replaced by new ones. The thought of seeing fresh new light brown planks instead of black, mossy ones almost brings on paranoia. The roof repairs wouldn’t have meant anything if it were not for my mental state. So that’s what the not-so-meaningful picture means to me.


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