Day After The Turning Point

I don’t remember how silence used to be ever since the day he came around. Sometimes the pompous ringing of his neck bells fall into lazy jingles only to pick up another furious note of incessant tumbles. He orchestrates the background music to my life.

Every morning since, begins with soft nudges and little kisses of a wet, cold nose. He needs me so much. He needs me to get him all that he might need. Not a sound would he make but his needy eyes would wreak havoc at that moment.


I never said it to him but he knows that all that is mine, is his. My time is no exception.

The proof of his being around, I have started wearing on my skin. Torn skin with lines and dots of darkening wounds are the badges of his love.

Each time he tucks his hand under his sleepy head, turns it, folds it in and then rolls over to momentarily open his eyes and fall back into that dream that had led him to tremble his paws and flinch his face, I fall for him harder. Each time he presses his chin against the blanket to fall asleep, I helplessly yearn to know how that space in his dreams looks like. Are there hills of cat food in that dream that he plunders? Do the dreams have streams of milk that he isn’t scared of bathing in? I would only know in another life.

Ever since he shimmied into my life, he has only taught me to mindfully enjoy the simple pleasure of watching birds fly around. To mindlessly enjoy every tummy rub like there is no luxury as sacred as this. To tirelessly try to catch circles of noon sunshine filtering through the curtains, believing that someday I will. To tiredly sleep every few hours like eating and running brings you all the fulfilment you need. To forgive the person who was cruel enough to subject you to a bath in filthy, filthy water. To forget to complain for food if you get a new toy to play with. To express happiness with simple slow blinks of your eyes and spurts of purring. To make another being fall in love with you using the force of innocence and nonchalance. To unreasonably love another being who will never be able communicate in your language.


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