A Story of Me.

I was completely and imperfectly created back in the early 90s. I am going to force you into my life by way of tales of my parents and grandparents; I might as well introduce them before I begin.

Of my two Granddads, I have met and known only one. The greyness of his eyes say everything about his steady composure. My two grandmothers are very educated women and to say the least, overbearing people. My dad is a man of eclectic tastes – he loves caring for animals as much as he loves making machines. My dear, dear Mommy is brimming with love and oh-so-many things to say. Lastly, there are three very special men in my life – one that I have known all my life, the other that seems like I have known all my life and the final one that I have known all his life. My brother, my best friend and my baby cat.

Years ago a friend sent me this quote and told me that it reminded her of me. I have, since then, always felt that nothing describes me better than






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